Innovation for aeronautics: solder joints with a high thermal conductivity

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Inventec commercialises solder joints having a high thermal conductivity with Ecorel TM Oxal AG (a CNRS, Paul Sabatier University and Thales patent). This product meets a need of the aeronautics and space industries in the area of on-board electronics. Behind this technological innovation is a partnership between the Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute and Thalès Alenia Space.



A solder paste with a high thermal conductivity for the aeronautics and space industries

In the development of the booming aeronautics and space industries, a new need in on-board electronics and electronic components has appeared: highly dissipative solder joints that can be made below 300 °C and yet can resist much higher temperature spikes. Traditional soldering techniques were unable to meet this need in a satisfactory manner.

The solder pastes developed and marketed by Inventec under the name Ecorel TM Oxal AG offer an innovative solution. Made of micrometric-sized silver oxalate, no nanometric particles are present; such tiny silver particles are produced only fleetingly during the soldering process (thus meeting the ROHS and REACH environmental regulations). After being made, the pure silver solder joints show excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. In particular, they could be implemented in the electronic devices used in satellites. Other applications can be envisaged for power electronics and optoelectronics.

The development of this new product results from several years of collaboration between CIRIMAT (Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche et d’Ingénierie des Matériaux) and Thalès Alenia Space, with support from the CNES, the DGA and the DGE through research programmes and with the participation of the companies Gâches Chimie, ISP and Inventec. A patent for this soldering process using silver oxalates was deposited in 2011. Today, the final product is marketed to companies that conceive of or fabricate electronic systems for transports.

The commercialisation of Ecorel TM highlights the expertise and skills of our institute’s researchers in the field of materials for transports.


Ecorel TM Oxal AG, commercialised as of June 2018

This new product will be launched during the SMT (System Integration in Microelectronics) trade show in Nuremberg at which Inventec, specialised in the development of chemical solutions for high technology applications, will be present.

Ecorel TM Oxal AG will be demonstrated by Inventec on stand 4A-510 from June 5 to 7. An occasion for companies to discover this disruptive technology for on-board electronics.


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