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The institute gives its partners access to a unique collection of technology platforms for the synthesis and characterisation of both molecules and materials, as well as the shaping of the latter. Located in Montpellier and Toulouse, they meet the needs of industry for state-of-the-art procedures.

Each platform is staffed by technicians and researchers whose expertise is at the disposition of companies to advance their R&D projects.

Plateforme analyse et caractérisation icgm

Balard Analysis and Characterisation Platform

Open to industry, the Balard Platform in Montpellier proposes an extensive range of analytical and physio-chemical characterisation techniques applicable to both molecules and materials.

Plateforme Synbio 3


At the interface between chemistry and biology, SynBio3 is comprised of 2 technology platforms (‘peptide’ and ‘polymer’). With these tools, academics and industrialists in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry or pharmacology can synthesise a molecule or a polymer of biological interest.

plateforme nationale de frittage flash cnrs

National Spark Plasma Sintering Platform (PNF2-CNRS)

Located in the CIRIMAT laboratory in Toulouse, the National SPS Platform is open to both public and private laboratories. The platform is used to shape materials using SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) technology.

logo ChemLab ENSCM

ENSCM ChemLab Industrial Pilot Plant

The ChemLab pilot plant at the ENSCM in Montpellier allows industrialists to develop processes or to carry out syntheses and extractions on different scales.

Plateforme de fabrication additive cirimat

Additive Manufacturing Platform

CIRIMAT in Toulouse proposes its expertise, equipment and network of collaborators for projects in additive manufacturing (or fabrication). This allows :

  • control of the microstructures, residual constraints and multi-material interfaces;
  • development of new powders as precursors (ceramics, cermets, metals, alloys);
  • multi-material and multi-scale fabrication with LAAS-CNRS (Occitanie regional platform)
outils de changement d'échelle cirimat

Tools for the scale-up of materials synthesis

Scaling-up equipment addresses the needs of companies as it provides the required quantities of material to make prototypes and test their properties under actual operating conditions. Scale-up tools are important vectors for the transfer of technology to the industrial sector and the marketing of the final product.

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