Tuesday January 21st, 2020

Postdoctoral / R&D Engineer position

Research project :

« Synthesize of (macro)molecules able of mixed conduction for bioelectronic
applications »



Laboratoire d’accueil : Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier (ICGM)

Durée du projet : 6 mois

Encadrant : Dr Olivier DAUTEL

Research project :

This project supported by the Institute Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat aims at interfacing electronic devices with our bodies with the ambition to create intelligent, interactive and versatile body-machine interconnections that transform neuron activity into electronic signals (“brain-machine” interfaces), provide data relating to the heart (“heart-device” interfaces) and beyond. (Figure 1) Therefore, devices capable of converting ions into electronic currents and vice versa,4 such as organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs), are targeted. 5 The operation of these devices requires the design and synthesis of organic semiconductors that play the role of transducing biological information (ionic message, ion movement) into electronic information (electronic message, electron movement).

Among these polymers developed specifically for ion transport, an important class used in the field of bioelectronics is based on the functionalization of conventional pi-conjugated cores by highly hydrophilic side chains of the polyethylene glycol (PEG) type (Figure 1). In order to circumvent the problems brought by polyethylene glycol chains, we have recently developed a new family of polymers substituted by a hydroxy-hexyl chain.6 The aim of the project is therefore to extend this family in order to establish structure-property relationships and optimize the performance of the resulting OECTs.

Candidate Profile :

This multidisciplinary project will require good skills in organic synthesis and will be based on solid knowledge in organic chemistry and organometallic chemistry. The candidate should the classical techniques for the characterization of organic molecules (NMR, mass spectroscopy, FTIR,…). Basics in of absorption and emission spectroscopies would be a plus.

To apply :

To apply, candidates must send: i) an up-dated CV, ii) a list of publications, iii) a cover letter, and iv) the name of at least two references by e-mail to “olivier.dautel@enscm.fr“.

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2017, 29, 1604446.

Location: Montpellier

Host Laboratory: ICGM

Deadline: 30 january 2020

Starting date: march 2020

Duration: 6-month contract

Salary: 2555€ /month