Monday October 21st, 2019

Postdoc: Synthesis and study of hyperthermia properties of magneto-luminescent nano-objects

Project Title :

“Synthesis and study of hyperthermia properties of magneto-luminescent nano-objects ”



Host Laboratory: Institute Charles Gerhardt Montpellier

Length of Contract: 12 months

Supervisor: Yannick GUARI


The aim of the project is to develop new multifunctional nano-objects composed by a magnetic core based on an oxide or metal alloy, and to functionalize their surface with lanthanide complexes for their fluorescence properties. Then, an in-vitro characterization of the fluorescence and hyperthermia properties of the nano-objects will be performed.

Project activities

  1. Synthesis of metallic magnetic nanoparticles
  2. Characterization of magnetic and magneto-induced hyperthermia properties of nanoparticles
  3. Lanthanide grafting on the surface of magnetic nanoparticles
  4. Study of the magneto-induced hyperthermia and fluorescence coupling
  5. Maintain an updated bibliography
  6. Present regularly and independently your work in oral and/or written form to partners

Areas of application

Cancer treatment is a very active field of research and the use of magneto-induced hyperthermia is already operative at the Charité Hospital in Germany. The objective of this project is to realize nano-objects that will allow better understanding of the grafting (or absorption) of nanoparticles on (by) cancer cells and the impact of hyperthermia at the cellular level on a single cell and on a group of cells.


The project is part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between two teams of Montpellier laboratories [Centre de Biochimie Structurale (CBS) and Institut Charles Gerhardt (ICGM)] and CC & C, a medtech start-up. The recruited person will be stationed in the ICGM (building 17 on the Triolet campus) and will also work at the CBS, which is located near the medical school. The research will be supervised by Yannick Guari (IMNO, ICGM).

The person will be recruited for a period of 12 months from January 2020. The salary is defined by the CNRS salary grid for a person who has obtained their thesis less than two years ago. As an indication: around € 2530 gross per month.

Profile of the candidate

We are looking for a young researcher, who has obtained the Ph.D. less than 2 years ago. The candidate must have the following skills:

  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge in coordination chemistry and material chemistry
  • Experience in the characterization of magnetic nanomaterials and/or in the study of lanthanide fluorescence will be appreciated
  • Ability to work as part of a team and take initiatives
  • Easy communication and exchange skills


To apply, submit your application on the Emploi-CNRS website:

For further information, contact: Yannick GUARI (

Location: Montpellier

Host Laboratory: ICGM

Deadline: 4 November 2019

Starting date: January 2020

Duration: 12-month contract

Salary: 2530€ gross/month