Monday May 4th, 2020

Synthesis and study of magnetoelectric molecular materials based on lanthanide ions: towards new non-volatile memory devices

Job Offer :

“Synthesis and study of magnetoelectric molecular materials based on lanthanide ions: towards new non-volatile memory devices”


Posting: IMNO group of the ICGM

Starting date: 01/10/2020


Magnetoelectrical materials combine electrical (electrical bistability) and magnetic properties (para or ferromagnetism) in the same crystalline phase. Such multifunctional systems are often viewed as candidates for future applications. This proposal intends to develop and study original molecule-based magnetoelectric materials exhibiting a strong coupling between the electrical and magnetic functionalities. Our preliminary results confirm that paramagnetic molecular ferroelectrics showing an electrical stability at high temperatures could be obtained using a simple synthetic strategy and exhibit a strong magnetoelectrical coupling.



This multidisciplinary proposal is related to the synthesis and study of multifunctional magnetoelectrical molecular materials. The aim will be to use the coordination chemistry concepts to design lanthanide complexes exhibiting a strong magnetoelectrical coupling. The main objectives will be to: (i) Design a series of paramagnetic molecular ferroelectrics showing a high thermal stability at a multigram scale; (ii) Perform a systematic analysis of the structure/properties relationship in the obtained materials. This will include the study of magnetism and ferroelectricity as well as the cross-coupling between these properties.

The candidate

The candidate must have a master’s degree (chemistry, materials etc) or equivalent. The candidate should possess strong skills in coordination chemistry. In addition, he/she needs to be familiar with usual characterization techniques. She/He will be involved in the in-depth characterization of the properties. She/He will have transversal skills: presentations, report writing, multi-team project management.


To apply

Send thanks to the following address :


Location: Montpellier

Laboratory: ICGM

Deadline: 15th May 2020

Begins: 01/10/2020

Duration: 36 months

Salary: gross salary 2135 euros