Monday June 17th, 2019

Sylvain Caillol recognised by the RSC as a Pioneering Investigator in polymer chemistry

(Français) ICGM researcher Sylvain Caillol

An ICGM researcher is one of 33 mid-career chemists honoured by Polymer Chemistry, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK.

A special issue dedicated to internationally recognised polymer chemists

The June 21 issue of Polymer Chemistry is a themed issue entitled Pioneering Investigators 2019, celebrating the work of mid-career investigators who have established themselves in the field of polymer chemistry and are internationally recognized for their contributions to the field. The issue showcases leading research directions in current areas of polymer science and demonstrates the enabling character of today’s polymer research at the interface with the biological sciences, surface science, photophysics and supramolecular chemistry.

One of the 33 Pioneering Investigators 2019 selected by the journal is Sylvain Caillol, a CNRS researcher at the Institute Charles Gerhardt of the University of Montpellier.


 Sustainable chemistry and polymers

Sylvain’s research is dedicated to green chemistry and specialty polymers. More specifically, within the Macromolecular Engineering and Architectures research group he works on:

  • synthesis of biobased monomers and polymers from vegetable oils, natural phenols, chitosan, etc.;
  • synthesis of safer chemicals (replacement of bisphenol A, isocyanate, styrene, formol, phenol as examples);
  • emulsion polymers, UV-functionalization, click chemistry methodology;
  • thermoplastic and thermoset polymers for various applications, binders, coatings, composites, foams.

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