vendredi 19 avril 2019

Thèse : Relation structure-propriété dans les polymères fluorés pour les actuateurs

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Titre du projet :

« Structure-property relationship in fluorinated polymers for actuators »



Laboratoire d’accueil : Equipe Ingénierie et Architectures Macromoléculaires (IAM), Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier

Début du projet : 1 octobre 2019

Encadrants : Gilles Silly et Vincent Ladmiral



Since the discovery of the piezoelectricity of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) in 1969, the electromechanical properties of fluoropolymers are an attractive research topic. These properties have been translated into several commercial applications in particular using VDF-based terpolymers. The objective of this fundamental research project is to acquire a perfect understanding of the intricate effects of the interplay of the chemical and crystalline structures of the materials, morphology and film processing on their electromechanical properties (i.e., their electric field-induced macroscopic deformation). The understanding of these intricate phenomena, which is essential to the optimization of the performance of these materials, remains elusive. This knowledge will be instrumental to the development of better actuators combining high strain and high strength.

The proposed Ph.D. position is part of a larger scientific program carried out through the collaboration of the PIMM (ENSAM) laboratory, Arkema and ICGM. While Arkema and PIMM will respectively investigate the electroactivity and the morphology of the terpolymers, the research in ICGM will focus on the investigation of the local structural order of these polymers by liquid and solid-state NMR. The Ph.D. student will thus have regular and close contacts with both PIMM and Arkema throughout his/her work.

Profil du candidat recherché

The applicant is expected to have a strong knowledge in fundamental scientific disciplines to be able to tackle NMR methodology implementation and the NMR sequence development that may be necessary for the achievement of the project. A keen interest in polymer science, NMR and properties of materials is also required. A good English proficiency both spoken and written is also expected. The candidate must also be able to organize, present and share his/her research results efficiently. Finally, he or she should have a strong interest in a collaborative project involving both academic and industrial issues and viewpoints.


The application comprises

– A detailed CV

– Academic transcript of graduate studies

– A cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the project

– At least 1 recommendation letter

These documents should be sent to both Vincent Ladmiral ( and Gilles Silly ( In addition, the candidate needs to apply via the CNRS human resources website:

Lieu : Montpellier

Structure d’accueil : ICGM

Date limite : 31 mai 2019

Début : 1 octobre 2019