lundi 22 juillet 2019

Postdoc : Nanovecteurs pour la thérapie photodynamique

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Project Title :

« Nanovectors for Photodynamic Therapy »


Host Laboratory: Macromolecular Engineering and Architectures group Institute Charles Gerhardt Montpellier

Length of Contract: 18 months

Supervisor: Vincent Lapinte


The Pheophotodyn project focuses on an ‘innovative non-drug therapy’, so-called photodynamic therapy (PDT), consisting in the simultaneous action of a non-toxic molecule (the photosensitizer), light and oxygen. The process, used in dermatology and oncology, is limited owing to the induced photosensitivity of the patients. Pheophotodyn aspires to improve the efficiency of photosensitizers using tuned polymeric nanovectors based on photoactive polyoxazolines stabilized by photo-crosslinking, which constitutes a primordial step (better stability and enhanced efficiency) as we recently reported (paper accepted in J. Mater. Chem. B, DOI: 10.1039/C9TB00118B).



An 18-month postdoctoral position is opening at the Institute Charles Gerhardt Institute Montpellier (ICGM). The project includes the IAM team of the ICGM (polymer chemistry), the IMRCP at Toulouse University (physical chemistry of polymer self-assemblies) and Specific Polymers company (scale-up producer of polymers).

In the framework of Pheophotodyn, we propose:

  • to synthesize photoactive amphiphilic polymers based on polyoxazoline,
  • to synthesize and scale up the production of photoactive crosslinkers in collaboration with Specific Polymers company,
  • to study the self-assembly of these polymers as nanovectors for PDT.


Candidate Profile

  • Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry or Organic Chemistry with experience in polymers is required.
  • The applicant should be open to working at the interface of polymer chemistry, the physical chemistry of polymers, and nanomedicine.
  • Good communication, laboratory and organization skills are required.
Salary: 2200 euros/month net



To apply, please send an e-mail outlining your motivation and experience, including a CV and the names of at least two references, to: Dr Vincent Lapinte (

Lieu : Montpellier

Structure d’accueil : ICGM

Date limite :

Début : novembre 2019

Durée : 18 mois

Salaire : 2200€/mois net