Tuesday April 23rd, 2019

International Workshop on Environmental Sensors

Logo du programme Interreg Sudoe NanoSen_AQM

CIRIMAT is a co-organiser of the workshop “Low-cost Sensors and Microsystems for Environment Monitoring” to be held at the Mercure Toulouse Centre Compans hotel on May 20–21, 2019.

CIRIMAT co-organiser with the LAAS of this European programme event

This workshop is being co-organised by the CIRIMAT and LAAS laboratories in the framework of the EU programme Interreg-Sudoe “NanoSen-AQM” and with the CMC2 micro-sensor club.

This workshop will bring together European academic and industrial actors in the field of air and water quality monitoring. These 2 days (May 20 and 21) are dedicated to the state-of-the-art in miniaturized sensors and embedded microsystems for the detection of air and water pollutants. Both academic prototypes and commercial products are concerned. The existing field measurement campaigns (urban and rural sites) will also be addressed.


A variety of subjects concerned by the workshop

The following topics will be covered during the workshop:

  • Improvement of sensitive materials
  • Gas micro-nanosensors
  • Chemical microsensors in liquid phase
  • Communicating embedded microsystems
  • Calibration and cross-sensitivities (selectivity)
  • Trends on low-cost sensors deployment
  • Field measurement campaigns and current standards

A particular emphasis will be placed on the improvement of materials, devices, types of measurements and signal treatment to increase the precision and robustness of sensors destined for field measurements.

Registration (deadline: May 13) is now possible on the conference website.

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